SEPTOMAX® // Optional Usages & Alternative Applications

The SEPTOMAX concept was developed to satisfy contemporary demands and requirements on the hinge markets; but it is not reducible to just this single usage. As hinge designer we define the SEPTOMAX concept more over as a „functional principle for any given kinematical requirement“.

That means that the SEPTOMAX idea is technically open for any usage or market and even more for any assembling situation; no matter if it´s used as a hinge product or for specific kinematic sequences.

The fact that the SEPTOMAX range is used today in almost any industry and application field shows the multi functional principle of this concept. Therefore we are able to transfer our experience with the multi-link concept to any given functional requirement. That makes it open and free in use for moving sequences such as Lift of systems, linear sequences or swivelling application. This understanding of SEPTOMAX leads to the following Engineering Services for potential customers:

  • Fully open for any given kinematic approach of any usage (Lift of system, hydraulic ramp, swivel arm etc.)

  • Useable as Single product solution and even as part of an assembly group

  • Designable for filigree solutions and for heavy duty applications as well

  • Engineering Support for the customized designing of optional kinematics

  • No reduction to any market, application or quantities


Because of the fact that these optional design solutions are always customized drafts please contact our sales or design department if you have any a specific kinematic case to solve. (back to Product range...)