Our page „projects & references“ gives you a short impression of our running customer projects and latest developments. Besides our reference chart shows how widely the SEPTOMAX range is used across industries.

The current SEPTOMAX projects are examples of the „state of the art“ of modern multi-link applications and the possible usages in almost every application field.

If you have detailed question regarding one specific or more projects don not hesitate to contact us.



05/17 // Light weight SEPTOMAX version as 3D model currently under construction


03/17 // New design projects for the markets „Caravan“ and „Rope-way“ just opened


01/17 // Positive test of the new 95 degree Aluminium SEPTOMAX standard


01/17 // Application filed "Heavy duty windows with wide opening angle" now use SEPTOMAX solutions


11/16 // A specific design brochure is now online available


10/16 //  Jet Ski seats now open and close with a SEPTOMAX multi link kinematic


08/16 // Latest project for advertising displays finally closed


08/16 // New aluminium 90 degree SEPTOMAX version as standard type VIII in test run


06/16 // Stainless steel versions now available for office furniture now available


05/16 // New specific quality testing tool for Multi Link solutions now implemented


04/16 // Participation at the BAUMA in Munich


03/16 // Our new mounting-department was opened in march to ensure high-efficient assembling


02/16 // Bronze bushes are now alternatively used for SEPTOMAX products for more stiffness


01/16 // Another project for the bus industry (store hatches) has just started


01/16 // SEPTOMAX solution for serial usage in trains and trams finally implemented


11/15 // New SEPTOMAX solution is now used for climate devices


10/15 // New project in the field of racing transportation


10/15 // New project engineers supporting now our design department


09/15 // Participation at the BUSWORLD in Belgium


09/15 // Aluminium SEPTOMAX with 180 opening angle for design related markets now introduced


07/15 // Food industry now works with SEPTOMAX solution for packaging machines


07/15 // New SEPTOMAX project for motor hatch application for wind turbines


07/15 // Alternative application of SEPTOMAX for linear kinematics now projected


05/15 // Architecture project now started for integrated wind sails


04/15 // Customized kinematics based on 4 circle points now available


04/15 // We now offer samples based on 3D print technology


03/15 // We now implemented ASOMv7 Software tool for wider simulation opportunities


02/15 // Fixing mechanism with screws now tested and introduced


02/15 // Opening angle of 270 degrees now possible with SEPTOMAX kinematics


02/15 // Wide range of surface treatments now available for SEPTOMAX


01/15 // SEPTOMAX products introduced for kitchen applications


01/15 // Solar technologies now used with specific SEPTOMAX products