Actually the SEPTOMAX range is open for any usage without a specific market reduction. However some of the product are more door specific, other more hatch specifically designed. Finally we need details about your individual application situation to provide the optimal solution.

This is not necessarily the case. It is important to know the requested opening angle, the door or hatch weight and if gas springs are mounted as well. The surrounding influences determine the possible weight load and even the required SEPTOMAX specs and hinge quantity.

Dimension A (door thickness) and B (overlapping) are the limiting factors of the possible kinematics of a multi link product depending on how these dimension are marked. These two factors determine the possible opening angle and ensure an collision free movement. So both dimensions need to be considered for a perfect working SEPTOMAX solution.

Yes but these cases need to be discussed and permitted to ensure a proper and problem-free usage. If we do not test the possible influence of gas springs for example damages within the hinge links could be occur.

If a customer mounts additional spare parts or changes given parts without any approval or permission by Emil Kaltenbach we assume no liability for further damages or uselessness!

Yes. We use maintenance free spare parts to ensure a trouble-free and long-term usage.

The SEPTOMAX concept can be used and assembled for any gives purpose. Any application focusing on internal and invisible mounting can be realized; even for bevel assembling. It is also open for any industrial usage as well for small businesses and last but not least for private customers.

We basically operate and ship form our main plant in Ennepetal (Germany). For customers outside of Europe we do work with selected dealers who support our distribution. Please ask for more details if you are located abroad (contact).

We do offer a specific engineering service to design our customers a customized SEPTOMAX solution and kinematic. Moreover we offer different samples made of steel, aluminium or as 3D model to pre-test our solutions. Please find more details under engineering.