SEPTOMAX® // Additional Assortment by Emil Kaltenbach
Manufacturer and Designer of Quality Hinge Solutions since 1854

Although Multi-Link Hinges are meanwhile a Necessary there is still a broad demand of regular and common hinge products. That´s why we as Emil Kaltenbach GmbH & Co.KG company offer the whole range of hinge categories and hinge related products made of all relevant materials. From that systematic point of view customers can choose between different hinge designs for any given application; all in the sense of „every hinge solution under one roof“.
But it´s not only about hinges. Many customers require hinge surroundings to complement their total assembling situation. For that reason we offer in addition product categories that allow to solve a hinge related „case“ at all and with just one supplier. Locking systems or varieties of handles are just examples of products that a regularly needed if it comes down to hinge assembling.

The Emil Kaltenbach Portfolio in detail:

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