About SEPTOMAX® // Functionality & Concept
Multi-Link Solutions as standardized hinges, customized hinges and hinge-independent kinematic

Modern hinges and assembling solutions are much more than just need products. Todays application requirements for doors, hatches or flaps demand much higher approaches in design and functionality of hinges. Asymmetric door or hatch design, minimal mounting space or gab-free and clean surfaces are not realizable with ordinary hinges based on one pivot point. Furthermore designers and manufacturer request more freedoms in construction to design and develop a product without any hinge related restrictions; this requirement is meanwhile a sector-independent trend over all industries.

The SEPTOMAX product range was developed to meet exactly these demands. It is based on an innovative multi-link concept (with ten, seven or four pivot points) available as standardized or customized version; usable for any sector from industry over small business to private customers and mountable in vertical or horizontal position. The degree in kinematic freedom is enormous because the SEPTOMAX concept is adjustable to any give assembling situation or motion sequence. These facts lead to central arguments for the application and technology of SEPTOMAX products.

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SEPTOMAX® // User Perspective...

  • Developed for sector-independent usage for hinge and even hinge-independent applications
  • Allows kinematics and design options that were up to now not realizable with conventional hinge concepts based on one or two pivot points
  • Made for any potential market from industry to small business up to private customers
  • Mountable in vertical or horizontal positions for any door, hatch or flap
  • offers total gab-free assembling and provides therefore cleaned surfaces
  • One solution for several mounting options (on-laying, enclosed & mitred)
  • Available as standardized or customized version
  • Fulfils even safety-related requirements (TÜV-certified)
  • Available in small-, medium- and high-volume quantities
  • Produced according to certified standards (ISO 9001:2015/REACH conform)

SEPTOMAX® // Technical Perspective...

  • Fully internal/invisible mounted (corrosion protected)
  • Opening angle up to 180 degree (270 degrees on request)
  • Made of (stainless) steel or aluminium (different surface treats available)
  • Useable from lightweight to heavy duty applications
  • Designable for customized kinematics with individual mounting area
  • Based on maintenance free parts with patented manufacturing
  • Useable also with gas springs and other fittings (on demand)
  • In different sizes for variable overlapping
  • Samples made of serial material or as 3D print model
  • CAD designed and ASOMv7 simulated (Life-cycle tested)
  • Mountable on different substructure materials (metal, wood, glass, synthetics)
  • Useable even for non hinge related applications such as linear-, swivelling- or lifting sequences

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