Our engineering service addresses customers with specific demands in the segment of multi link solutions for hinge related and non hinge related products. We do offer our design experience to support customers by realizing own kinematic drafts and even when it comes down to customized solutions based on products with multiple circle points.

Our support includes the following works:

  • Testing and proofing of customer drafts regarding plausibility and practicability

  • Designing alternative proposals or improvements for specific assembling cases

  • In case of gas spring usage we simulate gas spring pressure and proper mounting points

  • Analysation and Simulation of weight load terms via CAD and ASOMv7 software

  • Life-cycle and functional tests to ensure long term usage and collision-free usage

  • On side support in case of complex kinematic application demands

  • Sector-independent support for any customer and any application field

  • Application analysis for single or component usages

  • Design and construction of specific additional functions, for example hinge fittings, hinge coverage, clamp protection, hinge springs etc.)

Pleae contact us anytime if you have a specific kinematic demand or need support for your product development and/or design process. (contact) // (application) // (product overview)

SEPTOMAX // Design-/ Product Solutions
For living Interior // for Offices // for private and industrial requirements

The SEPTOMAX concept as „starting point“ for a final product design. In other words: The final product design follows the hinge technology; and not vice versa. It is our day to day business that most customers contact us for a hinge solution AFTER their end-product has been finally designed. In that case it is often to late to find a real „suitable“ and high end solution that provides a sophisticated visual look and premium functionality besides the „first look“ on the surface.

From our point of view a high end product requires a hinge end hinge technology and design. In fact it is the regular case that premium products (for example high end furniture) are very often based ordinary standard hinges to just „open and close“ a door...without defining these essential moving functions to be premium as well.

For that reason our customers can ask for a final product solution made and designed by Emil Kaltenbach; including an adopted hinge solution for a specific product design. Defining an high end solution as an adjusted combination of hinges, product functions and surfaces:

  • Philosophy // Design fits function...valued end products are based on valued based hinge solutions

  • Design // Creating a final product design with adopted application technologies

  • Customization // Implementing the customers demands in design and function

  • Quality // design and manufacturing process following certified standards

Contact // Your partner for design- & functional questions and requirements...