The SEPTOMAX product and kinematic conzept is the innovative and multi-link product range of Emil Kaltenbach. As hinge designer and manufacturer we solve connecting issues of our international customers since over 160 years with a clear focus on standadized and customized quality products that meet contemporary demands on the hinge markets.

For that reason our SEPTOMAX range was developed: A compact hinge, fully internal mounted and with up to 180 or 270 degrees of opening angel. Usable in any industry or small business application. More over it is not reduced to hinge applications and can be designed even for any different kind of kinematic movement (such as slewing or pull-out systems).


  • Obvious market trend to more design orientation, round & asymetric design and clean surfaces are required in any industry and application field
  • Designer and Engineers expect more degrees in freedom for their own product design

  • Multi-Link Solutions offer completely new design options that were not realizeable up to now with usual hinges

  • The SEPTOMAX products are fully flexible to any application in any industry or small business requirements

  • SEPTOMAX products are fully internal mounted with a max. opening degree of 180 or 270 degrees

  • The weight-load depends on the individual situation and goes up to 50 kilos (pairwise)

  • SEPTOMAX products are made of steel, stainless stell or aluminium (maintenance-free parts)

  • Usable for any assembling (doors, flaps, (floor) hatches) in vertical and horizontal position

  • Available as standard or customized version (with serial or 3D prototyping)

  • Designed and simulated with CAD and ASOMv7 software (with lifecycle testing)

  • Gas spring usage and locking systems are integrable (on request) 

  • More than 500 SEPTOMAX versions have meanwhile designed and produced for deifferent applications

If you have any further questions about the SEPTOMAX series or require more details we would be glad to get in touch wtih you. Just visit our SEPTOMAX Homepage or contact our sales service team directly. We hope for your understanding that our homepage design is fully based on english language for international communication.

Thank you in advance for your interest in the SEPTOMAX Multi Link Series.

Dr. Chris Windhövel (Managing Director)